Buying a Property?

We can help with buying a house or other property!

Whether it is your first family home, an investment property, a site or farm land we can help your with your property purchase. Buying a house is an important decision in your life. 

We will investigate the title to the property to ensure that all legal issues with the property are in order.

When you are buying a property it is important to think of the following:

1: Ask the auctioneer what contents are included in the sale and also whether any building works, either extensions or renovations, have been carried out?

2: Does the property have mains waste disposal or a waste water treatment unit?

3: Are all the boundaries of the property defined and a fence in place.

4: Is the property accessed by a main road or a private road?

5: Is there a management company for common areas and what are the fees?

When you put on a booking deposit the auctioneer then notifies the Vendor to send your solicitor the title deeds. This can take a number a weeks. If you are obtaining a loan they will need the name of your solicitor and they will send out a home loan pack to your solicitor.

We would recommend that a survey is done on the property by a qualified professional but only after we have had a chance to review the title deeds to ensure that there were no issues we would like to be addressed.

If issues are discovered it is possible to ask for them to be rectified but this is  a matter for the Vendor and they do not have to fix any problems discovered in the property survey.

Until you sign the contracts you may withdraw from the purchase and your booking deposit should be returned to you. 

If you are buying at auction the process is different and it is important to speak to your solicitor before attending an auction.

The stamp duty on residential property is 1% and on commercial property it is 7.5%. Stamp Duty is subject to change and please contact us for the current rate.  A purchaser would also be liable for the Land Registry fees that are charged to transfer the property from the Vendor to your name. 

If you would like our office at Tralee to act for you in your property purchase then please contact us at 066 7123377 or