Making a Will?

It is important that you consider making a will.  Making a will ensures that, when you die, your property and other possessions go to the people that you choose. 

We can help you make a will and we can ensure it is done correctly and when you pass away the important people in your life are looked after. There are also tax consequences to the gifts and bequests in your will and we can explain these to you at your consultation.

We need to know the following information to make your will:

1: Details and location of your property and bank accounts etc.

2: Details of your family and the names and addresses of the beneficiaries in your will.  

3. If you have children under 18 it is very important to appoint a guardian to look after your children in the event that you pass away.

Please contact our office at Tralee to make an appointment and to discuss your will. 

066 71 23377 or