Selling your Property?

Are you selling your property? Then please contact our office in Tralee.

Once you have the property on the market then you should contact your solicitor so that all the deeds and other documents can be put in place.

We would need to know the following if you are selling your property:

1: The location of your deeds? Are they with a bank?

2: Receipts for the Local Property tax or a print out from their website showing the tax is paid.

3: If the property was your second home then receipts for the NPPR tax (2009 - 2013). 

4: If the property was not your second home then often the Council will require proof such as a utility bill or statement, insurance letter etc for each year from 2009 to 2013. One document per year if normally sufficient. This is so a Certificate of Exemption from the NPPR can be acquired. 

5: If the property has a Waste Water Unit or Septic Tank then a Protect Our Water Certificate is required.

6: The BER

7: Details of any works or planning permissions since you acquired the property.

There may be more information required depending on the property and please contact our office on 066 7123377 or and we will be able to assist you.